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Cuddlebug Meh dai black/white

Fee: £ 20.00 for 28 days

Location: Singleton
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Cuddle Bug
Code: EKS0065

A meh dai (also known as a bei dai, formerly known as mei tai) is the common name given to a type of Asian carrier that originated in China many years ago; consisting of a fabric panel with long straps that are wound around the parent’s body, to be tied or twisted or tucked away securely. The Chinese name for this type of carrier (mispronounced as mei tai) has become eponymous for the style, but different cultures have their own variants of these cloth carriers, which all consist of fabric panels with long straps that are wound around the parent and baby for a secure carry.

These styles of carrier have been made from many different fabrics; from reeds and grasses, to woven cloths covered with beads. Some can be cultural heirlooms with great ritual significance, many are beautifully made; painstaking displays of cultural craftmanship, yet extremely practical for daily life.

They have been the inspiration for many, many Western carriers today. Most modern meh dai and variants are made from cotton or can

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