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Linen Ring Sling Joy & Joe £25+postage


Preparation and How to wear a ring sling:

Ring Slings and Newborns:

What to do with the tail of your ring sling:

Fee: £ 20.00 for 28 days

Location: Singleton
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Joy & Joe
Code: HMC0326

Our ring sling was designed using 100% natural linen so it is durable and supportive.

Length: 212cm approx. Width: 66cm approx

It is super lightweight, very breathable and best suited for the heat of the summer due to its heat conducting properties.

In the winter, you can layer up whatever your little one is wearing and your ring linen ring sling will still be good to go!

One size fits all because you can adjust our ring sling to fit your little one and your body.

Versatile and suitable for carrying babies and toddlers (8-35lbs)

Quick and easy to use

We also added a cute little pocket as a treat!

Neutral pastel grey so you dont have to worry about this colour clashing with anything you wear

The design of our ring sling is gathered at the shoulders which then allows you to spread out the linen textile over your shoulder and back for your comfort

Our ring sling is generously sized

Suitable for breastfeeding

Each order is accompanied with a full colored, easy to understand in

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